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  • Mission Statement

    The Blaine County Sheriff's Office is obligated to enforce criminal law also civil law. Using courage, knowledge, strength and dedication to Blaine County. In courtesy of service to the public we will keep our Community safe and free from any threats or acts of violence. Our mission is to provide leadership and professional support, as required, to ensure that Court mandates are carried out in a manner, which respects individual rights and freedoms to the public. Employees of the Sheriff's Office will continuously assess their areas of responsibility to ensure that the work being performed is done in the most productive, efficient and safe manner possible.

    Building a strong community   Commitment to public safety 

    Serve with character and respect   Obligation to duty with honor



  • Blaine County Sheriff's Office Subdivision Advisers

    Canine Unit - Vacant

    Traffic Enforcement Unit - @George S. 3C-46 l Civ-326


    Future Subdivisions


    Warrant Services

    Criminal Interdiction Unit

  • Canine Division

    The Blaine County Sheriff's Office Canine Division are responsible for various amount of different tasks while on duty. While you and your companion are extremely useful, you will be tasked with detecting narcotics, weapons, substances such as explosives, wildlife scat, currency, blood, and contraband, along with having the ability to locate and take down fleeing subjects. The Blaine County Sheriff's Office has partnered with all airports in San Andreas & all the local businesses to keep those grounds contraband free.


  • Motorbike Unit

    The Blaine County Sheriff's Office Motorbike Unit is one of the most useful subdivisions during a vehicle pursuit. It is very easy to be able to stay with everyone. Although being on a motorbike chasing someone may seem interesting, it can be extremely dangerous. You must maintain the safety of yourself and the public around you as well. You must make sure you do not get yourself or anyone else in a dangerous situation at anytime. You can only use the motorbike when the weather best fits, meaning you can't ride when it is raining.


  • Warrant Services

    The Blaine County Sheriff's Office Warrant Services primary focus is serving warrants which were issued by the courts within the State of San Andreas. Additionally, the Warrant Services division also specialize in transporting high-risk subjects, along with managing and successfully completing warranted searches of buildings, and the apprehension of fugitives. Individuals in this subdivision should be prepared to handle quick second tactical decisions. The Warrant Services division often works aside with the Canine Division & CIU.


  • Traffic Enforcement Unit

    The primary duty of TEU is to insure all civilians are following all traffic laws, and you be enforcing them. By enforcing these traffic laws, it will help reduce and manage all traffic collisions, while keeping traffic fluid. The Blaine County Sheriff's Office Traffic Enforcement Unit's primary focus are reducing vehicle collisions, keeping traffic flowing, help D.U.I accidents, respond to intense priority vehicle chase situations. Speed is extremely important to TEU, however still maintaining the level of safety for all civilians in the public.


  • Criminal Investigation Unit

    The Blaine County Sheriff's Office Criminal Interdiction Unit is specialized to reduce crime and providing a safe environment for Blaine County. What the CIU subdivision deals with is but not limited it, stolen vehicle recovery, stolen weapon recovery, fugitive recovery, transportation of illegal narcotics. The main purpose of the CIU is to investigate criminal activity in Blaine County. Any member part of the Criminal Interdiction Unit subdivision should have the passion to always excell the investigation further than just normal patrol units.

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  • Wildlife Rangers

    The Blaine County Sheriff's Office Wildlife Rangers primary focus on enforcing all the fish and game laws in the San Andreas Penal Code. The Wildlife Rangers should make sure and take pride in ensuring none of the national parks are being ruined! Being able to go in the forest and be able to use the numerous vehicles at their disposal such as, marine units, search and rescue helicopter, all-terrain vehicles, mountain bicycles, gators. Are you an outdoor enthusiast? The Wildlife Rangers might just be the perfect subdivision for you then!


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