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  • Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol & Department of Public Safety to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of San Andreas. This is accomplished through our department goals. Some of these goals include, prevention of loss of life, injuries, managing traffic and emergency situations, protect public and state assets.



  • San Andreas Highway Patrol Subdivision Advisers

    Canine Unit - Vacant

    Commercial Vehicle Enforcement  - Vacant

    Air Operations - Vacant

    Motorbike Unit - Vacant

  • Canine Division

    The San Andreas Highway Patrol Canine Division is responsible for various amount of different tasks while on duty. While you and your companion are extremely useful, you will be tasked with detecting narcotics, weapons, substances such as explosives, wildlife scat, currency, blood, and contraband, along with having the ability to locate and take down fleeing subjects. While patrolling the highways, you can be with your canine friend. While other departments Canine Divisions are tasks with other tasks, SAHP's is different!


  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement 

    The San Andreas Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is tasked to ensure the safety of all civilians while commercial motor vehicles are on the move. Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Troopers will inspect Commercial Vehicles to ensure everything is up to standards to ensure the safety of all civilians in the state of San Andreas. Some inspections would include but not limited to ensure  excessive tire wear, inspection of each rim, no damage of vehicle, ensure mud flaps are attached on both vehicle & trailer.



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  • SAHP Administration

    Highway Commissioner - Vacant

    Highway Deputy Commissioner - Vacant

    Highway Assistant Commissioner - Vacant

    Highway Chief - Vacant

    Highway Deputy Chief - @Joseph T. 5E-05


    Senior Staff




    Staff Members

    Master Sergeant

    Staff Sergeant



    Staff in Training

    Senior Corporal



    SAHP Members

    Chief Master Trooper

    Master Trooper

    Senior Trooper

    Trooper First Class


    Probationary Trooper


    Reserve Members

    Senior Reserve Trooper

    Reserve Trooper II

    Reserve Trooper I

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