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  • Mission Statement

    A Civilian are people that are in either Civil or Criminal acts. Civil is the lawful side of Civilian, from traffic stops to jobs. Criminal is the unlawful chaos side of Civilians robbing to killing. Civilians can be a great way to show creativity and initiative behind the scenes with Law Enforcement Officers and other Civilians. Either starting a Fight with officers or just chatting with them. It's completely up to you and your ideas to have groups or alone scenes. Having fun and serious roleplays without out-failing the understanding of realism


  • Civilian Operations Business Advisers

    San Andreas Aviation Division - @Camden S. Civ-182

    Pork On A Fork - @Brian C. 1A-01

    San Andreas Department of Transportation - Vacant

    24/7 & LTD Convenient Stores - Vacant

    Gruppe 6 Security Firm - Vacant

    Weazel News - Vacant

  • San Andreas Aviation Division

    The San Andreas Division

  • Pork On A Fork

    Pork On A Fork's purpose is to serve the amazing community with delicious, juicy, moist, tender pork. We have been serving the community for over a year, starting in 2021! We will cater to special event being held in the community. We will deliver your order right to your doorstep with our app! Not only can you order catering from us, delivery, you can even find us on the street in our food truck! We serve multiple types of food ranging from meats to coffee & cookies! We are always hiring! Feel free to apply!


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  • Civilian Administration

    Civilian Director - Vacant

    Civilian Deputy Director - Vacant

    Civilian Chief of Staff - Vacant

    Civilian Deputy Chief of Staff - Vacant

    Civilian Secretary of Staff - Vacant


    Senior Staff

    Civilian Manager

    Civilian Assistant Manager


    Staff Members

    Civilian Senior Supervisor

    Civilian Supervisor

    Civilian Assistant Supervisor


    Staff in Training

    Civilian Senior Advisor

    Civilian Advisor


    Civilian Members

    Master Civilian

    Senior Civilian

    Civilian III

    Civilian II

    Civilian I

    Probationary Civilian


    Reserve Members

    Senior Reserve Civilian

    Reserve Civilian II

    Reserve Civilian I

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